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RT @spicegirldej: *Roger Pope! Further information: he infected a number of the women with HIV, as he was HIV positive. He also has a Face…

- Sun Jan 19 22:32:43 2020

RT @liamyoung: Granting a peerage to Tom Watson is the final proof of what we got so tragically wrong over the last five years: we were far…

- Sun Jan 19 22:32:43 2020

I hope the Chiefs and the 49ers end up playing each other in the Super Bowl so Ryan Pace big neck ass will surely know he made the worst move in NFL Draft history. He could’ve had Deshaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes but traded up one spot for Trubisky trash, box face ass

- Sun Jan 19 22:32:41 2020

@_nat444 Damn you just be traveling!

- Sun Jan 19 22:32:38 2020

RT @spicegirldej: His name is Jason Robert Pope, and he sex trafficked nearly 700 women, ALL BLACK, with some as young as 13 years old

- Sun Jan 19 22:32:25 2020

Paul “Data miner” Watson. SIMPS https://t.co/hmQAh5CM1f via @YouTube

- Sun Jan 19 22:32:24 2020

@xlmjcc @episkeli emma watson 💛 https://t.co/IAUISVBg4M

- Sun Jan 19 22:32:21 2020

@slomka_robert Andrew Adonis Tom Watson Still no idea why in either case. Adonis blocked a large number of people when he stood for MEP

- Sun Jan 19 22:32:18 2020

RT @outofcontextCRF: https://t.co/OpznaIRQb0

- Sun Jan 19 22:32:15 2020

@larryinstafford @Coach_Dchandler Pocket presence is mostly DNA. Like accuracy, most of it is not taught. I love Watson He’s special but he needs to learn to throw ball away. Hero syndrome. Mahomes has mastered it already. Coaches are responsible for a lot but not pocket presence or awareness bud

- Sun Jan 19 22:32:13 2020

I will have to disagree. The Titans had to beat Deshaun Watson, Tom Brady, and Lamar Jackson to make it this far. https://t.co/8mm8otqirp

- Sun Jan 19 22:32:04 2020

RT @Ace_Frawley: Close encounter with a Regent Honeyeater or Anthochaera phrygia at Watson Woodlands, a bird once common in south eastern A…

- Sun Jan 19 22:32:02 2020

RT @_almightyeli: Someone with sense https://t.co/HiJ1f1fV89

- Sun Jan 19 22:32:00 2020

@ByNateTaylor @RealMNchiefsfan Watson was asking who he was last week. LoL

- Sun Jan 19 22:31:58 2020

Lamar is out & Watson is out, so let’s go Mahomes ✊🏾

- Sun Jan 19 22:31:55 2020

RT @drunkwitchx: when alexis texas ends and mr. watson starts

- Sun Jan 19 22:31:43 2020

@piercepenniless @meadwaj There's a phenomenon in politics where people are seduced by someone who strongly attacks a common opponent. They become emotionally convinced that person has "leadership" qualities. True of Phillips, Watson, and Lavery in my view. In the end, critics don't count.

- Sun Jan 19 22:31:40 2020

RT @Theresa_Chapple: I love this https://t.co/nakgGKXpe4

- Sun Jan 19 22:31:35 2020

@EddieDempsey @JohnWight1 Isn’t he daring Johnson to refuse Bercow in favour of Watson

- Sun Jan 19 22:31:32 2020

RT @greyslovexr: @xlmjcc emma watson https://t.co/KAAsRFUZwY

- Sun Jan 19 22:31:09 2020

RT @ArrogantDak: Top Deep Ball Completion Percentages: 1. Jimmy Garoppolo: 55.6% 2. Me: 48.7% 3. Patrick Mahomes: 48.5% 4. Teddy Bridgewat…

- Sun Jan 19 22:31:05 2020

RT @alex_kirshner: I would actually give teams a break on Mahomes not being the first overall pick. He was awesome in college, but several…

- Sun Jan 19 22:31:02 2020

RT @colingarrow: 'The Watson Letters Vol 5: Murder on Mystery Island’ #sherlockholmes ‘Full of wit, dry British humour, and a smattering of…

- Sun Jan 19 22:31:01 2020

Good job Watson https://t.co/kccyWeXkrL

- Sun Jan 19 22:31:00 2020

RT @_almightyeli: 693 Sex Trafficking, Kidnapping Underaged girls https://t.co/5p1mt6aXVu

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:49 2020

I’ve been posting on Insta programs of concerts I’ve attended. I’ve posted 85 and I’m still at 1971! Of 1000s this was the most important. I met Lorne Watson that night and he became my teacher, mentor and friend. I owe my career and much else to him. @BrandonUni https://t.co/Jumn1VLhef

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:48 2020

RT @LifeNewsHQ: NFL Player Ben Watson Slams Hollywood’s Pro-Abortion Culture Thank you @BenjaminSWatson for speaking up for LIFE and babie…

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:46 2020

@Carrots011 Emma Watson Queremos AnnE de volta

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:43 2020

RT @LifeNewsHQ: NFL Player Ben Watson Slams Hollywood’s Pro-Abortion Culture Thank you @BenjaminSWatson for speaking up for LIFE and babie…

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:42 2020

I want the kind of relationship Sherlock and Watson have in the BBC production. I would love a strong emotional tie, but in a platonic way. That kind of loyalty makes my ❤️ flutter. I guess that is why God made dogs. https://t.co/mMCn66KKnp

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:40 2020

RT @Nikkipage44: Tom Watson also bears a great deal of responsibility for the evil that was visited on Leon Brittan, General Brammal and Ha…

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:38 2020

@CooI_Daddy @jeremycorbyn I do not agree with you CD. At least Mr Watson will be in sight, now & again. When the HoL is obliged to sit at the bottom of the Hurd Deep & is replaced by an elected Senate, Mr Watson will cease to be of concern to anyone, nor will Mr Mandelson so continue to irritate.

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:38 2020

@DripingMascara @Tracy_70_ @yueyuebonnel2 Any complaints about her gown at the Like China event? Overall, a wonderful look for her but they should’ve spent the $ to tailor the bodice- a bit too loose. Puffed sleeves are nice once or twice, but Mantra is so uncreative they tend to stick to one look for too long (blazers!)

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:34 2020

Tannehill has no chance of bringing this team back Watson a much better passer couldn’t so I doubt he can #AFCChampionship

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:32 2020

@kent_swanson What do you think deshaun Watson is thinking right now?

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:32 2020

RT @Westo781: "I am pleased to recommend this little runt to the House of Lords, with Tom Watson. Both 'were' good friends of mine, but, no…

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:21 2020

deshaun watson asking who tanoh is from his couch this week >>

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:20 2020

Emma Watson sums up what’s most important in LITTLE WOMEN. Tickets: https://t.co/t4de6UCisE https://t.co/pEeopHdZ64

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:12 2020

RT @ABC: HONOR THE FLAG: A man wearing military garb was seen on a North Carolina resident's security camera picking up and then properly f…

- Sun Jan 19 22:30:09 2020

Elemental mi querido Watson.

- Sun Jan 19 22:29:57 2020

elementar meu caro watson

- Sun Jan 19 22:29:56 2020

@upsadaizy Brilliant!!! But not Tom Watson!!!

- Sun Jan 19 22:29:54 2020

https://t.co/QXkSXItyTg Paul Joseph Watson is een held.

- Sun Jan 19 22:29:52 2020

RT @NASA: Just look at it. 🌏 Taken by astronauts on the @Space_Station, this image captures the essence and beauty of our delicate blue ma…

- Sun Jan 19 22:29:51 2020

Who is Katie Watson? — She is a fictional character that someone has made up and is writing a story about on twitter. She is someone I am still trying to figure out who she is right now. https://t.co/5Q6uaX4F4Z

- Sun Jan 19 22:29:48 2020

RT @hermionegeek: tudo em harry potter e o prisioneiro de azkaban é o auge, e a atuação da emma watson foi um show à parte https://t.co/Er6…

- Sun Jan 19 22:29:43 2020

@Joshua_Taylor0 Name 10 QBs better ? Vets Brady,Brees,Rodgers,Wilson,young guns Mahomes ,Jackson,Watson and Garoppolo I don’t include Rivers ,Roethlisberger declining or Stafford and Ryan useless stat guys that don’t win so that puts Wentz 9th or 10th but not worse than 10th

- Sun Jan 19 22:29:29 2020

@helen_manfred Um, ma'am, I don't mean to be rude and I would never deign to mansplain a movie to you, but you're thinking of EMMA Watson. Not EMILY Watson. Just want to get this out here before any misogynists try to ruin your reputation with this error!

- Sun Jan 19 22:29:26 2020

@ovid9 @ChrisRongey @grafelman Right. No idea what Pace saw but I know he barely gave Watson a thought. Trading away a future #1 pick to move up one spot for a question mark? No. Maybe for a Burrow or Lawrence, but not for Mitch.

- Sun Jan 19 22:29:14 2020

I want the kind of relationship Sherlock and Watson have in the BBC production. I would love a strong emotional tie, but in a platonic way. That kind of loyalty makes my ❤️ flutter. I guess that is why God made dogs. #Johnlock #SherlockBBC

- Sun Jan 19 22:29:11 2020

RT @nadizz1e: i- https://t.co/TUGwY0gt5n

- Sun Jan 19 22:28:53 2020

Another year 👍🏼 https://t.co/shjdHdogUs

- Sun Jan 19 22:28:51 2020

@thelindsayellis https://t.co/LIcpuOhUMV

- Sun Jan 19 22:28:34 2020

RT @MangyFeathers: 「Easy Beasty」! https://t.co/g3f69BU7Mv

- Sun Jan 19 22:28:32 2020

@ChrisDocherty2 They are people dogs, love being with us, and if that’s 24/7, they’d never misbehave!! Watson followed me everywhere, from room to room and in the garden etc. Our other one from years back was a right git!!! But all funny stories now of course!! 😂

- Sun Jan 19 22:28:31 2020

@DatoFreddy @H4goats @wesleyfallon8 @poggydoggy @Boxerbass1 @PowerNation22 @BradADavis2 @Punkin682 @carrolka @RcWiksten @HudsomSharon @MischievousLiz @RebelSister81 @catahoulasrule @cjdtwit @SKSSKanz @CekalaLeila @MoooPapa @madgib1987 @LoBo51038291 @flowerPotzzz @RyderLong2 @Darkhome2 @TheRealSusanA1 @GillumShavett @Viper23233 @ValerieBaxter76 @TimCamp71495351 @Arkiegirl01 @wgang1616 @Detailman5 @NickiLovesTruth @Albqueal1 @BigBruc20291523 @Bamafanaticfan1 @estocker8 @jackie70111 @socalpony2 @CNS15141 @Sassysoutherne3 @BradADavis1 @Briteeye777 @marsone2 @mayalates @june9042 @rebrokerjoe @Mighty_rodent @TanyaRenea7 The dumpster fire that is western #masculinity... SIMPS via Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet https://t.co/hg1Y8eh2yP via @YouTube

- Sun Jan 19 22:28:28 2020

@kfpeters QBs who won 10 games this year brady allen watson mahomes jackson rodgers cousins BreesJimmy g and wilson.....winning 10 games is really freaking hard

- Sun Jan 19 22:28:27 2020

@watson_brent @TheOakLeafs @Totally_Offside I'm still disappointed that Happy "Tugger" O'Sullivan didn't accept that trade in 1921.

- Sun Jan 19 22:28:26 2020

@MattWhitaker46 @ScottMorrisonMP @DOJPH(Pt19)Private Investigators,Barry Watson @ArlingtonPD,Timothy Nim(NY)Andy Gordon(CT),Albert Cercone(TX),LeAnn McDaniel(TX)/@BHManagement,Andrew Vernon @DeptVetAffairs,Casey&Claire Carlson(Hamburg,NY)

- Sun Jan 19 22:28:23 2020

RT @CoachD178: The playoffs had to be torture for Bears fans, knowing they could have had Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson .... but ended…

- Sun Jan 19 22:28:22 2020

RT @LifeNewsHQ: NFL Player Ben Watson Slams Hollywood’s Pro-Abortion Culture Thank you @BenjaminSWatson for speaking up for LIFE and babie…

- Sun Jan 19 22:28:16 2020

RT @Sarinski_: Ho visto Piccole donne e sto ancora pensando, forse troppo affezionata a Winona Rider ma anche perché ho letto il libro tre…

- Sun Jan 19 22:28:15 2020

RT @mygmsc: patrick watson - je te laisserai des mots https://t.co/OAb5oloYWq

- Sun Jan 19 22:28:05 2020

Rodgers Brees Watson . . . . . . . . That one guy in Philly who’s probably hurt right now https://t.co/FNbk75je7h

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:58 2020

@easymoneydrob i was high on mahomes, lower on watson than i shoulda been but i think that int problem was a real thing, he just tightened it up

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:54 2020

@TomP__TomJWells @RantsByDesign Warren huddles with Neera, Tom Watson, Hllary who all detest us. Their 2016 version of identity weaponization had me leave Dem Party. If they try this again, they will kill the party. The majority of youth are with Bernie.

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:53 2020

NFL Player Ben Watson Slams Hollywood’s Pro-Abortion Culture: “Children are Not a Burden” https://t.co/SrwlGmMoRk

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:50 2020

RT @79illwill: NFL twitter to Ryan Pace every time Watson or Mahomes completes a pass https://t.co/2gFjr1vjiG

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:49 2020

RT @IHearofSherlock: “You remind me of Edgar Allan Poe’s Dupin. I had no idea that such individuals did exist outside of stories.” — Dr. Wa…

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:43 2020

@PNeens @LeenaTailor1 @fourwisemen Just why?! 🥴

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:42 2020

@PDP00000001 @realTexasSlim @MAGA_1958 @KeecoWang5 @bull1063 @_Fat_Nixon @adagioforstring @TyDonevski @WaynesThePain @Aaron_Kallas @TheUnwantedBin @TheDeepState6 @judybalda @JKirking @Bhhall4 @VikingWilli @oldairforcedude @flowerpot197 @DennisH59386592 @Lonny2Sue @ICanPlainlySee @jpfginger @jsavoie67 @jon_knepper @JackArnett11 @KYSTBYNANGL @MacBreck @Wesmoms @BardLackey @BeauCosso @RandallKraft @NotRickC137 @TOMRJZSR @ClayMMA1 @bbusa617 @CharlieD2749 @Larryputt @MiAbeck13 @Len9671 @eugene200 @Str8Girl @1ChanceDiamond @Cindynine4 @EISHOWBANDED @tgradous @BogartPete @deborah_berch @TheEricDecker1 The dumpster fire that is western masculinity... SIMPS via Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet https://t.co/hg1Y8eh2yP via @YouTube

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:41 2020

@ChasPeeps @ifonlyalabama @lazaroumterror The USA has constitutional protection for free speech, so I guess sone prominent Youtubers like Paul Joseph Watson would only only fall foul of a strict interpretation of German/EU law.

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:38 2020

😺✏ — Timothée Chalamet or Emma Watson https://t.co/RwjzbKZjZa

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:38 2020

RT @LifeNewsHQ: NFL Player Ben Watson Slams Hollywood’s Pro-Abortion Culture Thank you @BenjaminSWatson for speaking up for LIFE and babie…

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:34 2020

RT @mygmsc: patrick watson - je te laisserai des mots https://t.co/OAb5oloYWq

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:34 2020

@tom_watson He doesn't look well. Media outlets exploiting an unscrupulous and desperate old man, in their aim to add weight to Megan Markles criticism....cue the hard up bitter sister next. She was right to put boundaries in around him #deadbeatdad

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:33 2020

RT @AaronBastani: Proposing Bercow, Watson and Karie Murphy for the Lords compounds conclusion that the Corbyn leadership was excellent at…

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:32 2020

@ByJerrySullivan Still can't believe he passed on Mahommes and Watson. Just think we could have had Mahommes and ALL of those picks they used for Josh Allen.... Smfh

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:24 2020

RT @LifeNewsHQ: NFL Player Ben Watson Slams Hollywood’s Pro-Abortion Culture Thank you @BenjaminSWatson for speaking up for LIFE and babie…

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:18 2020

@badinlife99 La version del 2018 igual es buena la misma historia pero en la actualidad es bastante parecida a la version de ahora de emma watson

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:10 2020

@Beta64Official It’s obviously Matt Watson from super mega

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:10 2020

💰For Good Karma Donate To This Twitter Account On CashApp $atomic811 So I Can Buy Bitcoin:💰 New video by Paul Joseph Watson: SIMPS https://t.co/mqWLecdUFm

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:06 2020

RT @ozzyetomi: Interesting biases to note under this tweet: of course like typical dullards they are, men are accusing her of sleeping with…

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:05 2020

@SJ_Watson Snap!

- Sun Jan 19 22:27:02 2020

RT @BCHLExpress: Here is tonight's @sjperryCA Lineup: -Watson starts in 🥅 -Fontaine and Parent in as APs #AllAboard https://t.co/5D3k8Jnujf

- Sun Jan 19 22:26:52 2020

@TielaTiela @CajunBlueAZ1 I want to see that. Partly because I'm obsession with Emma Watson, much to the annoyance of my daughter. I think she looks like my daughter (who's only a few years older than Emma). I'd really like to see her in person just to see.

- Sun Jan 19 22:26:49 2020

@KildareGunner @1burnm DeShaun Watson but same difference. I think Jackson was the year after

- Sun Jan 19 22:26:39 2020

Watsonを利用したテキスト分析の手法を解説 『現場で使える!Python自然言語処理入門』発売 https://t.co/GwbPscVlk5

- Sun Jan 19 22:26:33 2020

RT @LifeNewsHQ: NFL Player Ben Watson Slams Hollywood’s Pro-Abortion Culture Thank you @BenjaminSWatson for speaking up for LIFE and babie…

- Sun Jan 19 22:26:31 2020

@_DomoWilson1 G wagon

- Sun Jan 19 22:26:23 2020

15 - Mujercitas No iba con muchas ganas al cine, pero he salido súper contento. No había visto ninguna de las adaptaciones anteriores y tampoco he leído el libro, pero ahora tengo muchas ganas de hacerlo. La única pega es que no consigo ver a Meg, solo veo a Emma Watson. https://t.co/isi90ll2on

- Sun Jan 19 22:26:21 2020

RT @greyslovexr: @xlmjcc emma watson https://t.co/KAAsRFUZwY

- Sun Jan 19 22:26:14 2020

@CoachLRJ Idk man, all those weapons are locked up for a few years. Idk about Watson but those WRs are young

- Sun Jan 19 22:26:13 2020

RT @gayrauder: emma watson and maggie smith saying goodbye, probably, in the last day on set https://t.co/bTCqaFHtGK

- Sun Jan 19 22:26:11 2020

Elena Miras will das Dschungelcamp verlassen – Prince Damien greift ein https://t.co/dU13FYD6uZ

- Sun Jan 19 22:26:02 2020

@LBC @mrjamesob @tom_watson Did they talk about their friend “Nick” & all those innocent men he tried to frame.

- Sun Jan 19 22:26:00 2020

RT @abluce16: Ciao, ciao... E' passa il Natale l'aurora e l'avvenire quando suona il telefono io non risponderei Ho pensieri belli come…

- Sun Jan 19 22:25:57 2020

@ChadFrickley @JohnMacQPR 🤣

- Sun Jan 19 22:25:53 2020


- Sun Jan 19 22:25:47 2020

RT @marcwva: Of the top rated NFL QB's this year (Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes, Kir…

- Sun Jan 19 22:25:42 2020