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“Your wayfairing thespian has returned!” is the best line Moira has in the entire series of @SchittsCreek

- Mon Jan 20 16:05:29 2020


- Mon Jan 20 16:04:56 2020

RT @bikenesmith: new nsfw emma frost art on my nsfw art twitter...ft moira mctaggert as well @darknesmith https://t.co/ryrpYsRQM3

- Mon Jan 20 16:04:17 2020

its like aju nice is their call to go back on stage and slay😂💞💞💞 https://t.co/fYOJI31FWU

- Mon Jan 20 16:03:07 2020

just a small daily tarot update and yes i believe in these you can unfollow me :) https://t.co/3I3n6LPitc

- Mon Jan 20 16:02:08 2020

RT @luftwavedxkli: Le quitaron su perrito al pobre vagabundo xq decian que no tenia las condiciones para cuidarlo, tuvieron que pasar 6 mes…

- Mon Jan 20 16:01:55 2020

@t2PrW6hArJWQR5S @sugi_moira 山本さーん!

- Mon Jan 20 16:01:54 2020

サンホラ聴きたいけどどれから聴いたらいいかわからないって人はRomanをぜひ! んでもってMoira聴いて楽しめたら遡ってみて!

- Mon Jan 20 16:01:45 2020

@etude6635 @sugi_moira 議員適応障害でしょう!

- Mon Jan 20 16:01:42 2020

RT @HousingOpsScot: Our @CEOHousingOps Moira Bayne has started writing a blog for our website, where she will regularly talk about all thin…

- Mon Jan 20 16:01:29 2020

RT @TheKingCenter: Today, we commemorate Dr. King’s life and legacy. May commemorating him compel us to rise with love, courage and strat…

- Mon Jan 20 16:00:58 2020

RT @OverwatchGG: Why did they have to do you like this, Moira? https://t.co/xPmZongDe5

- Mon Jan 20 16:00:54 2020

RT @gracefulgillis: @cheristi1 @annesgilbert1 i'm staying because of moira, because of the cast, because of myself. awae has taught me so m…

- Mon Jan 20 16:00:48 2020

lmao using my laptop at 12 😂

- Mon Jan 20 16:00:19 2020

【定期】3325-2469-0459フレコ交換お願いします。フレ登録の方は是非リプください><!此方も登録しますのでー!フレサファ炎ガーディ・夢ヤヤコマ・キュウコン 電気デンチュラ・夢ピカチュウ 後、御三家出る方リプライ下さい!【ポケモンXY】 #ポケモン #ポケモンXY

- Mon Jan 20 16:00:11 2020

Moira聞きながらやってた https://t.co/EpWnhFys9d

- Mon Jan 20 15:59:57 2020

HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY MOIRA SINONIN 😚🥳🥳HEHEHEHEHEHE AMO LA ANAY INE HA? HEHEHE LOVE YOU!!!😚❣️ (dont hate my audio) @moira_alexandra https://t.co/V0RR5O6ZlR

- Mon Jan 20 15:59:54 2020

RT @HousingOpsScot: Our @CEOHousingOps Moira Bayne has started writing a blog for our website, where she will regularly talk about all thin…

- Mon Jan 20 15:59:51 2020

RT @OverwatchGG: Why did they have to do you like this, Moira? https://t.co/xPmZongDe5

- Mon Jan 20 15:59:16 2020

@Jockedupgeek @galev_ph Love Overwatch. Moira, Symmetra, and Soldier main here.

- Mon Jan 20 15:58:39 2020

Does Moira appear in any of the non-Hickman X-books? She was easily the most interesting part of HOX/POX, but she's nowhere to be seen in X-MEN, which reads like a bunch of leftover Morrison concepts that didn't make the cut 20 years back. I would've loved this in 1995, probably.

- Mon Jan 20 15:58:38 2020

moi tous vos tweets sur moira je les prend pas personnellement pcq je sais que je privilégie le heal au dps .

- Mon Jan 20 15:58:28 2020

RT @domcorona_: Moira Rose as Nicki Minaj: A Thread https://t.co/KeBhL24L0S

- Mon Jan 20 15:58:27 2020

RT @strangerawae: this is moira writing the anne with an e script and there’s no other correct answer https://t.co/RmxOnIX3lU

- Mon Jan 20 15:58:08 2020

Hey everybody if you have a minute give this a listen. It’s a bonus episode with my friend Alex Moira Angela Darling​​ as he gives us an update on what’s going on with the fires in some easy honest places you can… https://t.co/KvbmeHZUjn

- Mon Jan 20 15:57:42 2020

Me apareció esta mierda en face . La estupidez humana hueon 🤦🏻‍♀️ https://t.co/tie0Yn8Yc7

- Mon Jan 20 15:56:49 2020

RT @domcorona_: Moira Rose as Nicki Minaj: A Thread https://t.co/KeBhL24L0S

- Mon Jan 20 15:56:42 2020

A ver si dejo de ponerme mala ....

- Mon Jan 20 15:55:53 2020

RT @CMoldenFineArt: Artwork from the last 7 days! Which is your favourite?? Moira is still available! 💖💖 https://t.co/XofcDbSnpq

- Mon Jan 20 15:55:39 2020

RT @CMoldenFineArt: 'Surrender to my will!' Moira from Overwatch is available! https://t.co/ljdBXDeQdW

- Mon Jan 20 15:54:54 2020

@maureenfcooke Thats awesome tho I'm glad to hear it!! And vegetarian is great too! But thank you i feel a lot happier and healthier

- Mon Jan 20 15:54:22 2020

RT @gracefulgillis: @cheristi1 @annesgilbert1 i'm staying because of moira, because of the cast, because of myself. awae has taught me so m…

- Mon Jan 20 15:54:20 2020

sa 25 gusto ko makita si moira pero ivos and dec avenue then sa 26 orange and lemons tas ben and ben pota@gina 😩😩

- Mon Jan 20 15:54:17 2020

@cheristi1 @annesgilbert1 i'm staying because of moira, because of the cast, because of myself. awae has taught me so much and made me a better person and i want it to continue, i want to see those characters grow and struggle like every human being <3 #renewannewithane

- Mon Jan 20 15:54:08 2020

heureusement que y’a moira sur ow pr faire croire a tt les joueurs eclatés qu’ils sont fort !

- Mon Jan 20 15:53:40 2020

A Peso For Thoughts on Penny Lane. There was a thought I couldn’t frame the whole of 2019. A year fresh off a resurgence somewhat of OPM with pop, poprock, rock, & hip hop all well armed with the likes of Moira,… https://t.co/DKGAnVNKBA

- Mon Jan 20 15:53:39 2020

RT @pirulidessin: "This era of Myth that the dying ones dashed through Heroes at each other's throats; comrade in death; fated to fade aw…

- Mon Jan 20 15:52:49 2020

RT @OverwatchGG: Why did they have to do you like this, Moira? https://t.co/xPmZongDe5

- Mon Jan 20 15:52:43 2020

RT @OverwatchGG: Why did they have to do you like this, Moira? https://t.co/xPmZongDe5

- Mon Jan 20 15:52:41 2020

Catherine O’Hara Channels Her Schitt's Creek Character Moira Rose at 2020 SAG Awards https://t.co/b8L1PmzroS

- Mon Jan 20 15:52:33 2020

RT @pirulidessin: General Amethystos - #Drawing #watercolor #SoundHorizon #6thstoryMoira #Moira #Elefseus #Amethystos #fanart #watercolor…

- Mon Jan 20 15:52:24 2020

Plat DPS, Gold tank, Silver support PC Bastion/DF/Ashe/Hog/Sigma/Ball/Bap/Brig/Moira #reworkBastion https://t.co/tPXSIgSPiL

- Mon Jan 20 15:51:35 2020

@Moira_Mona Fuck that 'friend'. Here's to attracting better people into your life 🌸

- Mon Jan 20 15:51:11 2020

RT @GARATSmeanie: Looks like a member of svt is also watching the delayed oty LA broadcast lmao they left a comment😂 this is when soonyoung…

- Mon Jan 20 15:50:56 2020

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: @monolithenoir The new album 'Moira' comes out this Friday, January 24 via @KowtowR (https://t.co/DHINxWZuCx) Spotify Playlist: https://t.co/q7qy0WKxKI Photo by Victor Pattyn #BestNewMusic https://t.co/JI9yk02ly4

- Mon Jan 20 15:50:22 2020

:) also my cursor yall- https://t.co/UIbB1HbmZT

- Mon Jan 20 15:50:18 2020

@ABSCBNNews @Anyaa_Moira oh no ☹️

- Mon Jan 20 15:49:45 2020

I’m actually stunned that they endorsed not one, but two women https://t.co/HmkBky4O6q

- Mon Jan 20 15:49:09 2020

@sodapop_ow Moira. I was really sad that she was the irish representation in the game, as she's the only character I don't find interesting at all.

- Mon Jan 20 15:48:48 2020

@OfficialPLT #PinkMonday #LovePLT #win https://t.co/p2JfEIrfIY

- Mon Jan 20 15:48:31 2020

RT @herblythe: can moira walley-beckett and greta gerwig pls direct/produce a period drama together starring the best irish actresses in th…

- Mon Jan 20 15:48:14 2020

@darthlink127 I haven't played this map in so long 😮 does it still exist! Hahaha. MOIRA FTW! WOO

- Mon Jan 20 15:48:10 2020

@Moira_Irene Vegan? I'm primarily a vegetarian, who is on a high protein diet/thing. Not a good fit. But... I weigh less than I did in high school, so that's cool. Again, congratulations. That's really awesome.

- Mon Jan 20 15:47:56 2020

I love how Catherine O'Hara's explanation for the origin of Moira's accent changes slightly with each telling-- that is *so* Moira!! https://t.co/8f1ZYa3kak

- Mon Jan 20 15:47:26 2020

January 25 📌 IV of Spades (Calle Real) 📌 December Avenue (Calle Real) 📌 Viva Music Festival (Iloilo Business Park Grounds) 📌 Rocksteddy (SM City Iloilo) 📌 Moira De La Torre (Festive Walk Parade) January 26 📌 Ben&Ben (Calle Real) 📌 Orange & Lemons (Festive Walk Parade)

- Mon Jan 20 15:47:05 2020

Moiraずっとみてた あの空間にいたい

- Mon Jan 20 15:46:52 2020

Hmmm, at first, i thought it's @moirarachelle4 version, they have very same arrangement. As per wiki, it was released in 2016, while Moira's version was 2018 https://t.co/BxNLKgrRG0

- Mon Jan 20 15:46:40 2020

ganda talaga boses ni moira

- Mon Jan 20 15:46:18 2020

RT @WhenWeAllVote: Celebrate the life of Dr. King by taking action to make our democracy stronger. Join us and help register your community…

- Mon Jan 20 15:46:03 2020

RT @TooFab: Happy birthday, Skeet Ulrich 😍 https://t.co/3ea2zniTuF

- Mon Jan 20 15:45:43 2020

RT @popcrayye: Wildest dreams is the best song on 1989...The vocals the production everything is perfect ✨ https://t.co/OxTwKmbOii

- Mon Jan 20 15:45:31 2020

@54Battalion @Mtamerri @ali_naka @LuthoZa 😂

- Mon Jan 20 15:45:12 2020

@nervousbotanist You are correct Moira! I seem to be mixing things up a lot, today. I’ve seen the GF Helleborine in the Cotswolds. I think my nearest G Hellebores are maybe there, or in Wiltshire.

- Mon Jan 20 15:44:31 2020

RT @ikarinoGuitar: @NewsPawsJapan @sugi_moira 立憲民主党が国民民主党と合流どころか自民党と馬鹿みたいにタッグを組んだ今、れいわ新選組と共産党の推薦する候補者にかけるしかない!京都市民頼むぞ!!

- Mon Jan 20 15:44:22 2020

@maureenfcooke Thanks so much!! And well i wasnt really a wine drinker, more beer for me but no i still drink a good amount but i just eat less and healthier and work out when i can and living a vegan lifestyle is what really made an impact in the past 6 months

- Mon Jan 20 15:44:20 2020

RT @CenterForBioDiv: A new proposal could turn the largest roadless place in the U.S. into an oilfield. Take action to protect Alaska's Wes…

- Mon Jan 20 15:44:01 2020

@ali_naka Gushungo.

- Mon Jan 20 15:43:16 2020

@FusionUniFacts Like Moira and Orisa didn't change much, it's the meta that made them strong. Hell, Sigma is not that strong either, he's literally only strong because of Orisa

- Mon Jan 20 15:43:03 2020

RT @existentialkale: https://t.co/aMS1H7bisR

- Mon Jan 20 15:42:58 2020

RT @Currymuncher00: When you show your parents a picture and they start swiping

- Mon Jan 20 15:41:48 2020

That is awesome, Moira. Congratulations!!! Did lifestyle changes include foregoing wine? https://t.co/6cu1YVX5fT https://t.co/8H124vd8TL

- Mon Jan 20 15:41:41 2020

RT @cowboyenergy: https://t.co/2nEI1xTHrr

- Mon Jan 20 15:41:39 2020

RT @MRewilding: I'm always pointing out that the best way to plant trees is just to let them grow. It's quicker, they're healthier and mean…

- Mon Jan 20 15:41:17 2020

Haber si me muero ...

- Mon Jan 20 15:40:53 2020

@KristalTepig lmfao that’s true, the heroes themselves aren’t op just as a team they are much stronger than before. Like with moira being in the meta before, she wasn’t op just really good because of the meta. Now there’s a bit of a shift moira isnt played as much, if at all

- Mon Jan 20 15:40:21 2020

Hear me out... Moira MacTaggert Choose Your Own Adventure novel. #xmen #xspoilers #hoxpox #dawnofx

- Mon Jan 20 15:37:58 2020

@marcusryder @BBC A case in point- Sir Trev and Moira Stewart where the first BAME newsreaders in the UK. Now there’s only 3 or 4 more. Whereas there are about 5,000 Asian newsreaders and TV hosts on the box. Black talent will always be at the bottom, apart from 1 or 2 extremely rare exceptions!

- Mon Jan 20 15:37:56 2020

Best way to accomplish this goal? End capitalism. https://t.co/OcQ0AHQGuy

- Mon Jan 20 15:37:13 2020


- Mon Jan 20 15:37:01 2020

@moira_leisy @mjfree Antifa stated they would be there to protest gun control along with the 2a people. Doesn’t mean that an enemy of my enemy is my friend. Just saying, they already announced they’d be there.

- Mon Jan 20 15:36:46 2020

at kahit ‘di nagpaalam ‘di bale na kung masaktan ika’y naging sapat kahit tinapon ang lahat paalam. paalam // moira dela torre, ben and ben

- Mon Jan 20 15:36:34 2020

RT @hershieyjh: me trying to find carats who loves ‘popular song’ as much as i do https://t.co/OJVqUdi6Za

- Mon Jan 20 15:36:16 2020

@MOIRAGALDAMES Buenas Tardes Moira. Envíanos por favor los datos del titular, Nombre, Apellido, Rut, Número de Servicio y un Número de Contacto por DM. ^YS

- Mon Jan 20 15:36:07 2020

@Garrett_Watts sketchy but plausible....

- Mon Jan 20 15:36:05 2020

Alma. Janine. Dolores. Moira. June.

- Mon Jan 20 15:35:51 2020

RT @Garrett_Watts: If you’re seeing this at night or scare easily, maybe don’t finish reading this tweet: but I’m editing a video rn abou…

- Mon Jan 20 15:35:40 2020

@MikeFitz538 Whatever it turns out to be, this should be an interesting book! Anything is possible, but to me, non-Mutants using tech or genetic manipulation to get powers sounds like the Post-Humans that they’re fighting in HoXPoX in Moira’s past lives, not like a new X-team.

- Mon Jan 20 15:35:18 2020

@NutterKatherine @danjlevy I totally read this in a Moira Rose voice https://t.co/MOVCHsZkwz

- Mon Jan 20 15:34:59 2020

◦ LGBT: O tema da LGBT é abordado de maneira belíssima pelo texto de Moira. Com foco nos personagens de Tia Josephine e Cole,a série fala sobre os desafios enfrentados por aqueles que,em pleno século XX precisavam se esconder para terem a “liberdade” de amar quem quiserem. (+) https://t.co/39pY5XxKg9

- Mon Jan 20 15:34:42 2020

RT @ixabata: れいわのコア支持層がよく分かるツイート

- Mon Jan 20 15:34:41 2020


- Mon Jan 20 15:34:31 2020

RT @haha_takashi: 自民党には大嘘つきのコンコンチキがいる。東日本大震災のときには政府の足を引っ張って震災対応の邪魔をした。

- Mon Jan 20 15:34:17 2020

RT @elcosodelapizza: Al principio pensé que era una super edición https://t.co/WxeX3fBkSi

- Mon Jan 20 15:33:49 2020

RT @KDKNUpdatesPH: #MORHot10 Mabagal by Daniel Padilla and Moira Dela Torre @imdanielpadilla @mor1019 https://t.co/FfvwtGSLu1

- Mon Jan 20 15:33:31 2020

RT @3Ahmxd: This was the smoothest shit I’ve ever seen

- Mon Jan 20 15:33:21 2020

RT @a_tamami_f: この主ツイ↑に賛同してくださる方は、出来ればこのツイ↓にも賛同していただけたら嬉しいです🍀 https://t.co/rMjhfq9aFh

- Mon Jan 20 15:33:17 2020

RT @_onerolita: https://t.co/xbYMUYjKsw

- Mon Jan 20 15:33:04 2020

RT @minicheshire: (RT추첨) 파라디클로로벤젠 표절 어제 실트에 오른 참에 원곡이 된 사운드호라이즌의 Moira 한번 들어보시라고 정발판 CD 나눔합니다 알라딘에서 신품은 품절이어서 중고품을 발송드리게 되며 최대 2~3명까지 추첨합니다…

- Mon Jan 20 15:32:42 2020

I have a theory, hear me out! Amybeth and Moira are in Toronto, what does it mean!! Maybe renewal stuff is happening 😉#reneweannewithane #reneweannewithane

- Mon Jan 20 15:31:54 2020

RT @luftwavedxkli: Le quitaron su perrito al pobre vagabundo xq decian que no tenia las condiciones para cuidarlo, tuvieron que pasar 6 mes…

- Mon Jan 20 15:31:51 2020